How to organize the essay writing process

Manual for Essay Writing

When you think about organising your essay writing, probably the first thing that you need to do is think of a topic to write about. Obviously, if you do not have a topic to write about, then you cannot do anything else when it comes to writing your essay.

It is not always easy to think of a topic; however, there are things you can do to help you. You may wish to look at other previously written essays, or even turn to the Internet for help when it comes to thinking of essay ideas.

A useful method is to write down any idea that you may have, no matter how implausible it may seem. You can always discount any bad ideas; however, they may help you to think of a related idea that is more useful and could be one that you choose to write about.

Once you have gathered a load of ideas, you can discard any that you feel are irrelevant or inappropriate.

Make a list of what will need to be done

Once you thought of your essay topic, you then want to list everything that you need to do. This may include any research that you need to do, including the methods by which you intend to do the research. Equally, depending on the style of essay, there may be various aspects and parts of the essay that you need to include – beyond a simple main body of text and conclusion. Write down all the parts that you need so that you’re aware of exactly what it is you need to do.

Organize and plan the essay writing requirements

Once you have your essay topic and list of things it you need to do, it is best to organize them in a logical way. Before you can start any writing, you are most likely going to need to do research. Therefore, planning the research methods will be one of the first things to organize.

After the research, you may wish to write the essay in the exact order in which it will be presented; alternatively, it may be that there are certain elements of the essay that you want to write first whilst leaving the introduction, for example, to a later stage, once you know better what to include.

Ultimately, if you have a reasonably detailed and organised plan, it makes the essay writing process a lot easier and, even if there are things you do not include, if you allow for extra time, then this should not be a major problem.